CenterPoint Education Solutions is pleased to announce a partnership with ASSISTments to support student learning in mathematics. 

CenterPoint’s Fresh Start Screener in mathematics is now available through ASSISTment’s platform. The Fresh Start Screener helps teachers evaluate student understanding of content taught in the prior grade, gauge areas of strengths and unfinished learning, and chart their path forward.  

“CenterPoint assessments give teachers the information they need to support student learning. Our partnership with ASSISTments expands access to our quality screening and diagnostic tools and provides flexible, real-time data to help teacher and students start the school year from a strong position,” said Allison Maudlin, Vice President of Growth at CenterPoint Education Solutions.  

ASSISTments is a research-based, formative assessment mathematics platform, easily accessible by students on familiar tools such as Canvas or Google Classroom. ASSISTments is currently being used nationally by over 20,000 teachers and 500,000 students primarily in grades 3-10. 

“With ASSISTments, teachers can assign content from our vast library of resources, including CenterPoint’s Fresh Start Screener. Student work is reviewed by our responsive online technology and formative data is compiled so the teacher can see areas for growth, as well as areas of strength, allowing all students to be supported and, therefore, better able to achieve their best. Together, our organizations will continue striving to make a research-based impact with adaptive tools and high-quality assessment items.” said Cristina Heffernan, Co-Founder & Executive Director of The ASSISTments Foundation.  

CenterPoint is a mission-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to driving equity by supporting schools and districts in implementing coherent instructional models that include high-quality curriculum, aligned assessments, and professional learning. CenterPoint currently serves over 180,000 teachers and 2.5 million students in 22 states.  

For more information on using the CenterPoint Screener on ASSISTments, contact